Zeekurity Zen Zeries

Zeekurity Zen Zeries

Zeek (formerly named Bro) is my favorite network security monitoring platform, and I’ve used and promoted it throughout my career.  It generates rich network metadata that’s incredibly valuable for incident response, forensics, and general troubleshooting.

For most people, the main challenge with using Zeek is in setting it up.  While today there exists Corelight (an enterprise Zeek appliance), not everyone has the budget for this.  Plus, it’s fun to do it yourself and learn a thing or two. 😉
This series will walkthrough Zeek setup and a variety of tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.

Stuff I Like

Web Hosting: SiteGround

ericooi.com is proudly hosted by SiteGround. Performance and customer service are top notch. Quick and easy https implementation via built-in Let's Encrypt integration.

VPN: Private Internet Access

When I'm using a public internet access point, I use Private Internet Access to secure my connections. Easy to use, fast speeds, and no logs.

Cell Phone: Ting

I don't use many minutes or much data since I'm usually on Wi-Fi, making Ting a smart choice. It features nationwide coverage, fast LTE, and pay as you go rates.

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